Christmas Blues – Workplace Violence

December 19th, 2016

For many, the Christmas season is not filled with happiness. Remembering lost loved ones, and feelings of depression and loneliness can lead to behaviours that may be a cause for concern.

There is an increase in workplace violence during the months of December and January. Employers need to watch for signs that individuals may not be coping well.

Many firms also find themselves making year-end decisions related to employment levels. Downsizing is never a pleasant experience. During the Christmas season, it is important to pay particular attention if you are considering staff reductions. Individuals, who are already stressed, can feel a job loss is just one more thing they cannot handle.

You also need to take into consideration employees who no longer work for your company. Often the Christmas season will trigger individuals to act out. Many feel their job loss has resulted in their inability to provide gifts for loved ones. We have assisted numerous firms over the years where a terminated employee has acted out during the Christmas season, often targeting managers, supervisors, and co-workers.

Regardless of the season, you should pay attention to key dates that may be trigger points such as birthdays, date of hire or termination, and family members’ birthdays.

The office Christmas party can also be cause for concern. Bill 168 obligations are not just within your four office walls. Employers have a responsibility to ensure company events are treated in the same manner as in day-to-day operations. This recent article from HRM Canada may be of interest.

If you would like a complimentary copy of our Workplace Violence Guide, Click Here.

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