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Maintaining Benefits at Any Cost

December 8th, 2011

Quite often during our investigation assignments we are tasked with production or absence issues.  They could be from in house staff or outside workers, either way production is less than par.  We may not know the details as to why the numbers are not adding up, but we do have a good idea who it is that should be doing more.  There are certain occupations that may require employees to work a somewhat alternate schedule; the reward in many cases is more time off.  In most instances the time off will fall during what most would consider the normal work week.  As the entertainment value of a Monday, or Wednesday is basically non-existent, employees might consider doing something else that could generate further income and improve their skill set.  This is where the entrepreneurial mentality begins to take form and a new ‘part-time’ business is born.  This extra hobby could quickly escalate into an income that can no longer be ignored by the employee and the focus may begin to shift in terms of where the loyalty now belongs.  The difficult issue with having a side business is taking care of the peripherals and logistics; the main one being benefits.  In a career where a schedule is less than that of the average the compensation package, it is quite often the factor that cements the retention in regards to the employee.  This is not something that anyone wants to easily give up.  So now we have the issue where the employee needs to remain at their current occupation, yet their side venture is clearly where their loyalty is now manifested.  We are then forced to ask the question; how far and how long can this juggling act be maintained before the focus shifts and which job becomes part-time?

We recently conducted surveillance on an individual who answered this very question.  With a solid pension package and benefits second to none, this individual knew that he would be well taken care of at the end of his career, yet began an additional endeavour to make the cushion a little softer.  He had started a window installing business during his off hours; however, as word spread of his new found talent, the orders for service were coming in faster than he could fill them. He was now becoming a success at his part time job.  The ‘side’ business had now become front and center in terms of his work focus.  Guess what was beginning to suffer as a result?  The management of this particular organization had now heard of this employee’s venture through several sources and now wanted verification that he wasn’t just prone to any bug that went around.  After conducting surveillance on three separate occasions (during workplace hours) it was clear that this individual had a clean bill of health.

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