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Digging Deeper Reaps Rewards

September 26th, 2011

AFI International was recently contacted by a long-time client as they had serious concerns about one of their employees and their work practices. As a result, AFI International consulted with their client and developed a sound investigative strategy which started with a due diligence background search in the name of the subject.

After discovering information regarding a criminal history by conducting open source database searches in the name of the subject we decided to investigate further. We conducted a forensic analysis of the employee’s work computer which determined that over 10,000 files had been shredded from the employee’s hard drive and the company’s server. We further identified that the company owner’s business partner had installed ‘sniffing’ software to monitor the company’s business activities which was a breach of trust. An IT technician in our client’s employ was found to be an accomplice to the employee and was instrumental in their attempt to cover their tracks.

As a result, both the employee and IT technician were terminated and we provided a referral to have the server system configured to prevent further compromise. As a result, the company has changed their internal policies to prevent similar occurrences in the future and of course to conduct pre-employment checks on employees prior to hiring.

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